Vorstellungsgespräche auf Englisch

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Vorstellungsgespräche auf Englisch – Sie werden von vielen Bewerbern gefürchtet, sind allerdings fast schon Standard: Entweder wird das ganze Gespräch auf Englisch geführt oder während des Jobinterviews erfolgt wie selbstverständlich ein Wechsel in die englische Sprache. Wenn Sie gut vorbereitet sind, verfallen Sie dadurch jedoch nicht in Panik.

On the rise: the British IT sector

Over the past years, the British IT sector has been on the rise with a moderate but constant growth in revenues. According to the EITO (European Information Technology Observatory) the predicted growth of two percent in 2013 is not only triggered by the growing demand for tablet computers and smartphones, but also by the increased investment in software and mobile infrastructure.

With only engineers and executives being even more sought after, both IT vacancies and the salaries of IT professionals in the UK continued to rise throughout 2013. Skills in short supply are particularly C++, e-commerce expertise, HTML5, Java and PHP. Also, digital marketing managers, developers and business analysts are urgently needed on the British job market.


Why IT needs women: Interview with Microsoft’s Diana Coso

According to BITKOM, Germany’s Federal Association for Information Technology, Telecommunications and New Media, only 15 per cent of employees in the German IT sector are female. On this year’s HRM Expo in Cologne, Diana Coso, Partner Sales Lead at Microsoft Germany, gave a very interesting talk on the fact that the IT industry urgently needs more women. In an interview with us she explains why.

Diana_Coso_0202 Pressebild

What or who made you decide to join the IT sector? 

I’ve been working in IT for 24 years now and from the very beginning I really liked the dynamic and the spirit of invention. It’s a field where you can influence a lot and I also really like to work for a global player. So, if you love changes, internationality and dynamics, you are the right person for IT.